The Jerry Doyle Show

Jerry Doyle, always a fabulous and gracious host.

The Jerry Doyle Show

My colleague, friend, and top syndicated radio host Jerry Doyle passed away suddenly and prematurely last summer.  I wrote Remembering My Unlikely Pal, in tribute to him.   From 2012-2016, he and I had irreverent, free-flowing and often hilarious conversations unlike most interviews you’ll find on radio.  Our topics were varied — and covered the waterfront!

I remain very proud of these segments.  They are proof positive that you can have a smart, in-depth and agreeable discussion with someone from a different end of the political spectrum.  Since so much of what I write is about empowerment and busting stereotypes, Jerry busted a big one as a Conservative man who offered a Progressive woman a huge forum and audience to talk about issues that matter deeply to me.   So many of our discussions are timeless as a result.

Jerry was tops in all respects.  I’m grateful to have a record of our radio collaborations and will always remember him at his very best.

Please pick a topic that interests you below and enjoy…

Ending Domestic Violence, a Talk with Anita Finlay & Jerry Doyle, 9/16/2014

CBS' anchor James Brown's statement on stopping domestic violence Ray Rice's indefinite suspension from the Baltimore Ravens for the physical abuse of his then fiancée Janay Palmer has sparked a national conversation about domestic violence. Even though the NFL seemed backed into a corner and had to hand out more severe punishment than its initially lenient "two game suspension," it remains to be seen whether this...

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