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Anita Finlay now a contributor on Newsmax TV!

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Check in here for my latest appearances on Midpoint with Ed Berliner:


Anita Finlay on Newsmax: The Real Scoop on Hillary and Foreign Policy 8/14/2014

Rabble rousing detractors like Senator Rand Paul claim that Hillary Clinton has no accomplishments or foreign policy expertise to speak of! Don't miss my response regarding Hillary's prospective Republican opponents and the usual big media troublemakers who live to turn any disagreement between Secretary Clinton and President Obama into a WWE wrestling match! Join me, Conservative blogger Alyssa LeFage and Midpoint's wonderful Emmy winning host,...

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Anita Finlay on Newsmax TV Talking Hillary, Edward Snowden and Due Process 7/8/2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure of rejoining Ed Berliner on Midpoint/Newsmax TV to discuss Hillary Clinton and her remarks about Edward Snowden, the speculation of her 2016 campaign, the pretend "catfight" between Hillary and Elizabeth Warren and more...there is so much "gotcha" out there. I set the record straight! Our Skype connection was not ideal yesterday, but I think you'll enjoy the interview anyway! *************************** Anita...

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