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I’m thrilled to have found an effortless way to pull you into the conversation on politics, pop culture and social issues with entertaining—and short – video bites.

Introducing my new nationally-distributed show, Dare We Say…, produced by one of the fastest growing news sites in the country, EPIC TIMES.  Shawna Vercher is my superb co-host. Shawna is the author of “A Fearless Voice” and is a well-known political strategist and commentator. She’s wicked-smart and loves to make my head explode!


Together, we’re a great team of outside-the-beltway broads sharing a refreshing perspective, minus the typical spin. As one review put it, “Shawna and Anita bring cyber-conversations front and center with their new show Dare We Say.”

Pick a topic and enjoy…

Why Do “Brogressives” Fight Female Leadership?

Why do we still demand impossible metrics for women on likeability, “authenticity” and credibility while automatically conferring those qualities upon men? Senator Bernie Sanders got in some hot water last week owing to senior campaign operatives’ remarks about being “willing to consider” Hillary Clinton for Vice President and “consenting to interview her.” His adviser’s statements were as insecure as they were condescending, considering Clinton is...

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Playing False with Planned Parenthood is Damaging Republicans

Republicans have chosen to double down on defunding Planned Parenthood, even by shutting down government, if necessary. But is their crusade yielding the desired result? Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina just found out the hard way that, as media strategist Shawna Vercher put it, “Lying matters more to people than anyone thought.” Author and commentator Anita Finlay agreed, stating that “Fiorina has been caught lying about...

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Sham Benghazi Committee Telegraphs GOP's 2016 Electoral Problems - Updated

Rising Republican “young gun” Kevin McCarthy was a shoo-in to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House until his boast on FOX News that Republicans’ creation of this “special Benghazi committee” was dragging down Hillary Clinton's poll numbers. McCarthy all but confessed the committee’s true purpose on national television. Now, NY Republican Rep. Richard Hanna, in a fit of conscience, just admitted the same:...

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