Anita Finlay / Speaker’s Bureau

Recent speaking engagements:

  • LA Writer’s Conference (Keynote)
  • Women’s National Book Association, LA Chapter
  • VFA’s Women & Film Conference and Awards Gala (Keynote)
  • USC
  • NOW-NY
  • NAPW
  • UCLA Extension
  • The Women’s Leadership Forum
  • Temple Beth-Israel, Beverly Hills
  • Pasadena City College (guest lecturer)

 Invite Anita to speak to your organization:

  • Hillary Clinton: 2008 vs. 2016.  What 2008 Taught Us.  Why it Matters and What’s Ahead for Women in Leadership
  • The 18% Conundrum:  Why Women Occupy So Few Positions at the Top — How and Why We Should Grow the Numbers
  • Overcoming Destructive Messaging: Breaking the Stranglehold of Advertisers, Comedians, Politicians and Mainstream Media
  • The Cost of Sexism:  Growing Past Stereotypes
  •  Leaving the Herd:  The Value of an Independent Voice
  •  Find Your Voice and You Will Find Success:  Transforming Fear into Courage and Other Recipes for Empowerment
  • The Value of Language: How the Words We Use Define Our Society
  • The Path to Success via Indie Publishing: You are the New Gatekeeper

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