Anthony Weiner and Larry Summers Make My Head Ache

You really have to ask yourself what it takes to get some of these guys off the stage.  Anthony Weiner disgraced himself, losing his Congressional seat by sexting lewd pictures of his…er, ‘member’ over the Twitter-verse, having phone sex with multiple women and now, rather than hanging his head and keeping quiet, he is not only running for Mayor of New York City, he is...

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Cruising the Mediterranean: Beautiful Barcelona

*Originally published at Traveling With Sweeney* This is the first of my series of three articles on our recent Mediterranean cruise. The story begins in beautiful Barcelona! Bleary eyed after a twenty-hour journey from Los Angeles, we retrieved our suitcases from Barcelona airport’s carousel and aimed ourselves at the nearest cash machine to stock up on euros. Armed with travel tips gleaned from Rick Steves’...

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Unlikely Senate Allies Gillibrand, Paul and Cruz Take on Military Brass

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, an outspoken advocate for changing the military’s current protocols for prosecuting sexual assault, can now call Conservatives Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Chuck Grassley new, if unlikely, allies.  They join her in pressuring the Pentagon to stop stonewalling on the Military Justice Improvement Act, which seeks to allow victims to go beyond a chain of command that has tended toward suppressing rather...

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Guilty of Working While Pretty – Did Seven Judges Embarrass Themselves?

The all-male Iowa Supreme Court upheld their earlier decision to allow Melissa Nelson to be fired by her employer of ten years because she was “too attractive.”  No, I am not making that up.   Dentist James Knight acknowledged that Nelson was a “stellar” dental assistant but fired her because he was afraid he would cheat on his wife.  The court’s ruling is disgraceful.  There is...

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Why Didn't a BBC Commentator Tell Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray “He Would Never Be A Looker?”

*originally published on Epic Times* Why would he?   That insult was reserved for Marion Bartoli, the Ladies’ Wimbledon Champion.  At the apex of her professional career, senior BBC presenter John Inverdale pondered: “Do you think Bartoli’s dad told her when she was little ‘you’re never going to be a looker?’”  So, after winning the most prestigious trophy in tennis last Saturday, she was bashed for...

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Why the Hillary 2016 Obsession So Soon?

Although Hillary Clinton has offered no hint as to her future plans and is not stoking rampant speculation about another Presidential run, reporters cannot stop talking about it.  Put simply, when you love the one you’re with, you are not busy obsessing over where you are going to be, and who you are going to be with, four years from now.  If big media, and...

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In Praise of Difficult Dads

My father used to say “You will master everything you take into your hand.”  A formidable but troubled man with a male-dominated world view and more wartime suffering than he could let go of, his words were praise indeed.  No matter how limited his imagination of what women could achieve, he believed in me.  It took many years for me take his declaration as a...

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Are Women Breadwinners Signaling An End To Society As We Know It?

Watching Lou Dobbs’ all-male panel on FOX News freak out over the news that women are sole or primary breadwinners in 4 in 10 households with kids, you’d have thought the world had ended.  While these men encompass both ends of the political spectrum, the money quote was conservative Erick Erickson’s contention that men have the “dominant role” in society while women are “complementary.”  Like...

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Anita on The Jerry Doyle Show 5/29/2013

One of my favorite interviews with Jerry…we talking about the blockbuster report that 40% of women are now head of household or sole breadwinners in America.  Enjoy!

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