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Alaska: A Spirited Adventure, a Spiritual Experience

Anita Finlay / 21 Feb 2013

A departure in subject matter for me, I was recently asked to write about my Alaskan travel adventure.  This article originally appeared on Boomer Women Travelers, a lovely new site …enjoy! Halfway into planning a vacation with my husband that doubled as my 50th birthday present, the stress of work and caring for an elderly parent left me with zero energy to map out a...

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WWII's Female War Heroes Deserve To Have Their Stories Told 1
Women Candidates Are Stronger When They Fight Sexism
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Women Candidates Are Stronger When They Fight Sexism

In Jonathan Chait’s New York Intelligencer article cautioning women “not to play the victim card” when running as 2020 presidential candidates, doesn’t he see that a man telling a woman how she should present herself to the American people is in itself sexist? Why does he get to instruct her?  What white male has ever had to deal with gender issues on the national stage? ...

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0 / Anita Finlay / Apr 23, 2018
FBI Director James Comey, Flickr, labeled for re-use
Election 2016, Misogyny

Comey’s Ego

It never ceases to amaze the lengths to which reporters, pundits, even voters will go to defend or excuse what former FBI Director Jim Comey did to help Trump realize the *presidency*.  His self-serving explanations, designed to resurrect his reputation just in time for his book tour, offered in his 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20 interviews ring hollow.  Comey found it acceptable to break protocol...

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6 / Anita Finlay / Apr 16, 2018
Go Away, Bernie. Finally, Go Away.
Hillary Clinton, Media Bias

Go Away, Bernie. Finally, Go Away.

Politico’s headline “Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference” is enough to make me upchuck. Yes, Russian bots did help your campaign, Bernie Sanders, and you knew it and did nothing.  But you still want to blame Hillary Clinton to deflect from your egotistical, guilt-ridden spoiler behavior, hoping those naïve enough not to know any better will buy it.  No chance. Politico’s Edward-Isaac  Dovere does...

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3 / Anita Finlay / Feb 21, 2018