Go Away, Bernie. Finally, Go Away.

21 Feb 2018
Clinton On Message; Sanders Under Pressure

Hillary Clinton by Jim Livesey, used by permission; photo of Bernie Sanders, labeled for reuse

Politico’s headline “Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference” is enough to make me upchuck. Yes, Russian bots did help your campaign, Bernie Sanders, and you knew it and did nothing.  But you still want to blame Hillary Clinton to deflect from your egotistical, guilt-ridden spoiler behavior, hoping those naïve enough not to know any better will buy it.  No chance.

Politico’s Edward-Isaac  Dovere does a great job laying out the case:

“Bernie Sanders on Wednesday blamed Hillary Clinton for not doing more to stop the Russian attack on the last presidential election. Then his 2016 campaign manager, in an interview with POLITICO, said he’s seen no evidence to support special counsel Robert Mueller’s assertion in an indictment last week that the Russian operation had backed Sanders’ campaign.”

Is he kidding?  Secretary Clinton shouted about Russia’s interference from the highest hill. She faced a daily onslaught from media skeptics more interested in trashing her over nothing-burger emails than reporting the truth. For his part, Sanders, running as a “Democrat,” besmirched her reputation, gave Trump his later talking points and stayed in the race long past any hope of winning.  He knew plenty about interference but was more interested in using it to his advantage than helping Dems retain the White House.

Edward-Isaac Dovere continues:

“The remarks showed Sanders, running for a third term and currently considered a front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, deeply defensive in response to questions posed to him about what was laid out in the indictment. He attempted to thread a response that blasts Donald Trump for refusing to acknowledge that Russians helped his campaign — but then holds himself harmless for a nearly identical denial.

In doing so, Sanders and his former campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, presented a series of self-serving statements that were not accurate, and that track with efforts by Trump and his supporters to undermine the credibility of the Mueller probe. [emphasis mine]

I encourage you to read the rest here:

It isn’t that Sanders didn’t raise good points in his campaign, but by violating his oath not to go negative, then by staying in to be a spoiler and denying culpability afterwards, he has negated his initial mission.

I don’t believe Sanders is the front-runner for anything – and after these statements, hope others will finally see him not as a saint but as the, sadly, destructive force that he has turned out to be.



  1. And not forget his weapons stand
    Pro all guns and gun manufacturer Bernie
    And toxic waste shipping to Hispanic communities

  2. I think Gillenbrand and Sanders are in cahoots for 2020. If Gillenbrand can run interference against the Clintons she gets the VP nod with Sanders as her presidential running mate.

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