Political Gamesmanship Grotesque in the Face of Healthcare Debacle
18 Nov 2013

Political Gamesmanship Grotesque in the Face of Healthcare Debacle

Friday, Real Clear Politics shared that 39 House Democrats helped Republicans pass the “Keep Your Plan” Bill in a 261-157 vote “allowing insurance companies to continue selling non-Obamacare-compliant policies on the individual market for one year.”  These 39 Democrats telegraph panic that smacks of running from political fallout, with Senate Democrats like Mary Landrieu proposing a similar fix.  Whether such a bill is workable and...

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04 Sep 2013

Kim Kardashian, Big Media and the Infantilization of America

After giving a speech on the effects of media bias (a light topic, I know!), a student asked, “How is anyone going to hear your message when they are obsessed with the Kardashians?” I pulled a scientific sounding response out of my…er …left ear, but I suspect her question was better than my answer. Dr. Michael Beckwith once advised, “Be involved; not enthralled.” How do we...

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07 Aug 2013

Sexually Compulsive Politicians: Who Is Paying The Price?

On Finlay & Smart Talk, John Smart and I challenged the world of sexually compulsive and/or predatory politicians and public figures like NYC Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, former Governor Eliot Spitzer and more…What makes these men tick?  And why do we continue to give them chances on such a big stage? What effect are they having on the rest of...

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22 May 2013

A Sycophantic Press Has Itself to Blame for Obama’s AP Scandal

The Obama/Holder AP scandal has produced strange bedfellows.  The DoJ’s seizing of Associated Press reporters’ phone records along with AG Eric Holder’s attempts to prosecute senior FOX correspondent, James Rosen as a “co-conspirator” for doing his job has sent a chill down the collective spines of both the liberal and conservative press.   At long last, the left and the right agree on something. Karen Tumulty...

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24 Jan 2013

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony and the Men Who Fear Her

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave 5-1/2 hours of patient and thorough testimony before the Senate and House yesterday regarding the events surrounding the tragic deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.    Not surprisingly, Wesley Pruden of The Washington Times published a smear piece entitled “Hillary’s Last Hurrah.”  He offered a photograph of the one moment she became frustrated with Republican Senator Johnson of Wisconsin, who...

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22 Jan 2013

How the Game is Played: Finlay & Smart Debate the President's Address and the Effects of a Biased Media Going Forward

Join us tonight as we analyze the President’s inaugural address, what it bodes for his second; also the political theatre offered up by the mainstream media and how it affects all of us —  promises to be a fiery evening!   Feel free to call in and express your reviews at (877) 653-8381. **************************************** Anita Finlay is the author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin:...

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16 Jan 2013

Gun Control and Mental Health…Where Do We Go From Here?

John Smart and I were so pleased to host Academy and Emmy Award winning composer and inventor Ron Grant on our show last night.  He has proposed an innovative solution to the horrid mass gun killings such as we saw at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Aurora, Colorado — a GPS Smart Lock.  I hope you will download the show to hear our debate about...

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08 Jan 2013

Conservatism Today, the Fiscal Cliff and the Pressure to Nominate a Woman in 2016…is Hillary In?

On Tuesday, Jan. 8th, John Smart and I will be hosting Kevin Scholla, accomplished TV panelist, sportscaster and creator of SarahNET Radio to get an opposing viewpoint on the state of Conservatism today, the truth behind the fiscal cliff negotiations and what all the government shenanigans mean for us out here on the ground. We’ll also be discussing the divide between Sarah Palin and the...

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12 Dec 2012

What We Need to Know about the Fiscal Cliff…

The current fiscal cliff negotiations between President Obama and Congress sound terrifying to say the least — what is the Fiscal Cliff?  Have we already gone over it?  And is that kind of like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel?  In an effort to see past the scare tactics and chart a sensible course, John Smart and I were pleased to interview Larry Doyle...

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04 Dec 2012

Study Finding We Are Done with Gender Bias Omits Important Data

“Good News for Hillary 2016: New Study Says Media Gender Bias Has Almost Disappeared”   …so reads The Grindstone headline to Ruth Graham’s latest article.  Quoting research from Jennifer Lawless and Danny Hayes covering 4,748 newspaper articles in the 2010 congressional races, Ms. Graham finds much to celebrate.  I am loathe to argue with her, since she was kind enough to interview me regarding this...

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