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08 Jan 2014

Anita Finlay and Jerry Doyle Cover the Waterfront on 1/7/2014!

Did a couple of fun segments on The Jerry Doyle Show yesterday, talking everything from holiday downtime, nurturing yourself and flu remedies before segueing into the politics of spin-meisters, big media flame-throwers who contribute to voter brainwashing and the positive ramifications of Janet Yellen’s appointment as the first female fed chair. Listen and enjoy!  **

11 Dec 2013

Anita Finlay on The Jerry Doyle Show 12/6/2013

Republicans training each other how to talk to women?  Jerry and I dissect the new “sensitive” mantra emanating from Speaker Boehner, the great legacy of Nelson Mandela, Martin Bashir’s resignation from MSNBC after his vile on air comments and much more. Two great segments.  Enjoy!  

05 Dec 2013

Anita’s Back on The Jerry Doyle Show, 12/3/2013

We talk the joy of the Thanksgiving holidays and in part 2, discuss the top 10 searches on Yahoo — why are we so preoccupied with Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber?  What are we missing? Two fun segments… Enjoy!  

15 Oct 2013

Anita on The Jerry Doyle Show 10/14/2013

Why were women shut out of shutdown negotiations?  We discuss the women stepping up, as well as treatment of women on TV today.  A great chat in two segments.  Don’t miss it! Part I Part II

09 Oct 2013

Anita on The Jerry Doyle Show 10/9/2013

Jerry and I jaw about the great news of Janet Yellen’s nomination as Fed Chair, subtle media snarks to the first woman to crack that ceiling, how she’ll be received by Republicans, our culture reflecting more diversity and the great cruise prices to  just hit the market.  We cover the waterfront in two segments! A few satellite glitches today, but hang in there… the discussion is...

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Anita on The Jerry Doyle Show 10/3/2013
03 Oct 2013

Anita on The Jerry Doyle Show 10/3/2013

In two segments, we discuss the troubling side of teen social media as well as the ratcheted-up rhetoric used by our public figures today. segment 1 segment 2   Jerry referenced my article, which you can read here  — also on the cover at EPIC TIMES.

Anita on the Jerry Doyle Show 9/26/2013
26 Sep 2013

Anita on the Jerry Doyle Show 9/26/2013

Jerry and I talk political double standards and women’s “sell-by” date in re my latest article: “Are Republicans Trying To Lose?” Jerry references my latest article.  Read it here at my blog and on EPIC TIMES.

23 Sep 2013

Anita on The Jerry Doyle Show 9/23/2013

Jerry gets my take on the Emmys and we dig into the likelihood of Janet Yellen as the first female Fed Chair now that Prez Obama’s favorite, Larry  Summers, has bowed out.  We round out our interview with a chat about Hillary 2o16.  Don’t miss!  This interview is a blast!

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