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04 Sep 2013

Kim Kardashian, Big Media and the Infantilization of America

After giving a speech on the effects of media bias (a light topic, I know!), a student asked, “How is anyone going to hear your message when they are obsessed with the Kardashians?” I pulled a scientific sounding response out of my…er …left ear, but I suspect her question was better than my answer. Dr. Michael Beckwith once advised, “Be involved; not enthralled.” How do we...

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28 Aug 2013

Miley Cyrus’ VMA Fiasco Symptomatic of a Larger Outrage

There is nothing I can add to the critique of Miley Cyrus’ and Robin Thicke’s tasteless display at Monday night’s VMA awards. With her tongue sticking out in every direction, sporting a nude-tint bikini and an outsize foam finger glove as she simulated sex acts about the stage, Cyrus telegraphed a girl desperate to shed an image she has outgrown, that of Disney tween queen,...

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15 Aug 2013

America's Got Talent Winner Landau Eugene Murphy Moves and Inspires!

Sunday night, we had the pleasure of seeing Landau Eugene Murphy perform at the Catalina Jazz Club in Los Angeles.  A cross between Sinatra and Michael Bublé, he breaks the mold.  In case you missed Finlay & Smart Talk the other night, I hope you’ll tune in below and learn more about his moving story, amazing talent and captivating personality.  First click on Eugene’s image...

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13 Aug 2013

Crystal Nichols, Football Referee and Princess Warrior

Last week on Finlay & Smart Talk, we had the pleasure of interviewing Crystal Nichols, the first women to ever officiate an IFAF Pro Men’s football game at the highest level in Helsinki, Finland on Live TV.  Her perseverance and accomplishments are both amazing and inspiring.  We were thrilled to shine a spotlight on this lovely lady.  John and I were moved by her journey and...

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08 Aug 2013

Fed Chair Unsexy, But Crucial to All of Us

Fed Chair may not be as sexy a job as President, but the occupant of that position is just as vital, if not more so, to every citizen. Both in front of and behind the scenes, a battle is being waged by those who would seek to influence the Presidential choice making mechanism and public opinion as well. Not surprisingly, the best candidate may not win....

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07 Aug 2013

Sexually Compulsive Politicians: Who Is Paying The Price?

On Finlay & Smart Talk, John Smart and I challenged the world of sexually compulsive and/or predatory politicians and public figures like NYC Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, former Governor Eliot Spitzer and more…What makes these men tick?  And why do we continue to give them chances on such a big stage? What effect are they having on the rest of...

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07 Aug 2013

Visual Vilification: A Tale of Two Hillarys

In the media’s obsession with all things Hillary, no sooner did NBC and CNN announce biopics on the former Secretary of State than the RNC denounced those films as biased infomercials. Republicans are terrified of running against someone with her bona fides and popularity. Cue the negative coverage, as evidenced by the photographs of Mrs. Clinton and RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, in the FOX News’ article, Republicans...

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30 Jul 2013

Daily Beast Insults both Diane Lane and Hillary Clinton Because…?

Way to go, Daily Beast. Thanks for a slap in search of a story. Stating that actress Diane Lane cannot do any more than smolder because she is “far too sexy” to portray Hillary Clinton in NBC’s upcoming miniseries is like saying the glamorous comedienne Mo’Nique would never be able to pull off her Oscar-winning turn as an abusive mother in Precious.  That’s why they call it acting.  Never...

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25 Jul 2013

Anthony Weiner and Larry Summers Make My Head Ache

You really have to ask yourself what it takes to get some of these guys off the stage.  Anthony Weiner disgraced himself, losing his Congressional seat by sexting lewd pictures of his…er, ‘member’ over the Twitter-verse, having phone sex with multiple women and now, rather than hanging his head and keeping quiet, he is not only running for Mayor of New York City, he is...

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16 Jul 2013

Guilty of Working While Pretty – Did Seven Judges Embarrass Themselves?

The all-male Iowa Supreme Court upheld their earlier decision to allow Melissa Nelson to be fired by her employer of ten years because she was “too attractive.”  No, I am not making that up.   Dentist James Knight acknowledged that Nelson was a “stellar” dental assistant but fired her because he was afraid he would cheat on his wife.  The court’s ruling is disgraceful.  There is...

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