Disaster Preparedness

17 Apr 2013

Gratitude to First Responders and Courageous Bystanders in the Midst of Boston's Tragedy

To the first responders who ran toward danger without a thought for their own safety, to bystanders and neighbors who dropped everything to help, tearing off clothing to make tourniquets, to offer food and open their homes to strangers, and to the exhausted marathoners who just kept running straight to the hospital to donate blood in the immediate aftermath of the Boston bombings yesterday, you...

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19 Feb 2013

Finlay & Smart Tackle Disaster Preparedness and the Upcoming Race for Oscar

We all know the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.  Last Friday, a 9,000 ton meteor hit Chelyabinsk, Russia injuring over 1,000 people.  Please john us tonight as John Smart and I welcome Daphne Germaine, owner of GandDSurvivalKits.com. We discuss the importance of disaster preparedness and what everyone needs to make it through an earthquake, hurricane, or asteroid strike. In our second half, we’ll...

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