Find Your Voice, Find Success Seminar


  What does courage look like?


 You don’t let fear stop you.

I became an expert the only way I know how: I wound up in the deep end of the pool and learned to swim while there!  Having birthed a new voice and grown into bigger shoes, I know there are many of you who want the same thing, yet stop yourselves before the last ten sit ups.

You have a voice, an idea, a business, a product – all of these are magnificent beyond measure.  Yet somehow, distractions get in the way of completion, or aiming for a bigger client, or asking for what you want and speaking in your authentic voice. And we need your voice!

At the Business Is Personal Telesummit, I discuss these concepts:


  • Release belief systems that keep you thinking small
  • Your passion is your power –
  • induct people into your energy
  • Using current resources to
  • empower yourself with clients
  • Speak from your heart to win business
  • Think expansively, not defensively
  • Transcend fear to grow your creativity and your business

There are no miracles.  There is no snake oil.  The only thing that works to bust through old gunk are concrete exercises and action steps – the good news is, they’re fun and you might discover more wonderful stuff about yourself along the way.

In this 4-part online seminar, you will learn HOW TO:

  1. Clear the decks and release blocks
  2. Use positive action steps that get you down to business
  3. Better meet your deadlines: Completion = Success
  4. Let people see the real you and the best you
  5. Use your nerves to your advantage
  6. Take permission to have your voice
  7. Free yourself from old fears and get moving

Here is what you get:

4-90 minute online sessions ($ 599)
1 hour free phone coach with me ($200)

Special Report:

Portable tools and tip sheets that help with any meeting ($100)
Steps to better product and personal presentation ( $100)

 TOTAL  $999
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Class via Online Teleseminar Starts Saturdays 11 AM PST. – 4 weeks
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