January 2016
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 26 Jan 2016
Let’s Talk About the Good that Hillary Has Done In the World

Let’s talk about the good that Hillary Clinton has done in the world, from her years as a Yale grad passing up tony law firms to do groundbreaking work for the Children’s Defense Fund through her successful tenure as Secretary of State. Hillary’s a progressive who gets results, and she demonstrated this most recently by dispatching two senior aides to Flint, Michigan to offer assistance

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 20 Jan 2016
Clinton On Message, Sanders Under Pressure

As a longtime Hillary supporter who came to that choice after much research, I’ve had occasion to marvel at Secretary Clinton’s grace under pressure. The best example being her recent 11-hour grilling at the hands of the Benghazi “investigative” committee led by Rep. Trey Gowdy. He and his Republican cohorts were spitting mad and well…just spitting rude accusations that more reasoned persons in Gowdy’s own

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 11 Jan 2016
Can We Make Networks Give Us News, Not Infotainment?

The Big 5 Sunday “News” shows feature bloviating (white) men in suits on the hosting and guesting side, telling us what we should value and where the next ‘crisis’ is coming from – perhaps this is the media equivalent of “Look over there, squirrel!” Radio host and Epic Times’ founder Jerry Doyle states, “They’re just working you to keep you clicking on the next circus.”

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 10 Jan 2016
What the Big 5 Sunday Shows Tell Us About Who to Value

Reporting for Rachel Maddow’s Blog, Steve Benen tallied political guests on the big five Sunday Talk Shows: “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation,” “This Week,” “State of the Union,” and “Fox News Sunday.” In 2015, Donald Trump made 36 appearances – or three Sundays every month for a year. A number of his “appearances” were by phone, but he still had a constant, free platform

December 2015
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 31 Dec 2015
Bring It, 2016!

2015 went by like a speed bump. Is it that I just turned 57, so every year races by faster than the one before it? Is it the dense time suck of social media and the phone addiction I share with millions? The sense that I fell short of the goals I set for myself? Or that, once again, I’m at a crossroads; an odd

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 23 Dec 2015
Hillary, You May Not Go To The Bathroom and Other Double Standards

The criticisms leveled at Hillary Clinton are in an orbit beyond familiar disparities in male vs. female candidates’ coverage and treatment. Last week, four of Bernie Sander’s campaign staffers “improperly accessed the Hillary Clinton campaign’s proprietary voter database” and downloaded private Clinton voter data. Sanders apologized for the breach during last Saturday’s debate. Hillary accepted, even while his campaign distracted from their actions by claiming

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 16 Dec 2015
Hillary Clinton’s Must-Watch Speech on Keeping America Safe

In the wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive speech on counter-terrorism was a sober alternative to the bellicose posturing heard at tonight’s Republican debate. Listening to her remarks, it is impossible not to contrast her gravitas, knowledge and resolve with the ignorant braggadocio offered up by Trump, Cruz and other Republican presidential candidates. Fred Kaplan’s Slate article, America’s New Know-Nothings,

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 10 Dec 2015
Who Is More Dangerous: Trump or the Media?

Acknowledging that unlikely Republican front-runner Donald Trump has hit a nerve with a notable segment of his Party, there is little doubt that his xenophobic comments are, among other things, a cynical headline grab that gets him tons of free air time. But who is the bad guy here? The man making these statements or a corporate owned media, so starved for ratings, it will

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 07 Dec 2015
Media Complicity in Donald Trump, Demagogue-in-Chief

Mainstream media helped create, feed, and cynically fed on, the creature that is Donald Trump, but have now decided he has gone too far with his latest xenophobic statement that there be a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Their complaints are as cynical as his candidacy. Leaving aside that his comment is a likely ISIS recruiting tool, Donald Trump is

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 01 Dec 2015
Republican Hate Mongering, Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton

Most 2016 Republican presidential candidates daily bellow inflammatory rhetoric to stir the passions of their political base, no matter how many falsehoods are spread by such hate mongering. Consider this: Carly Fiorina’s lies about Planned Parenthood “selling baby parts” likely helped load the gun that Robert Lewis Dear used to murder three innocent people, including a police officer, and wound nine others, when he stormed

December 2015

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