October 2018
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 16 Oct 2018
Our Midterm Votes Are Vital–Being Distracted Is Not

  Three weeks from today, we have a very important date with the voting booth.  In the meantime, we can talk to friends and neighbors about the issues of vital concern to Americans,  like health care, preserving pre-existing conditions protections, protecting Social Security and Medicare from unfair cuts, correcting the GOP Tax Scam, taking action on climate change, as well as restoring much needed oversight

September 2018
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 09 Sep 2018
Fighting for Women’s Rights at the Voting Booth

GOP efforts to ram through Brett Kavanaugh’s  lifetime Supreme Court appointment while hiding vital information about him from the public showcases not only the urgency of overturning one-party rule, but the need to elect more Progressive women to office.  Women’s rights in particular will be affected if Kavanaugh is confirmed and, as predicted, pushes the Supreme Court further right, likely overturning Roe v. Wade.  That

July 2018
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 25 Jul 2018
Drowning In Ink By The Barrel — Reporters Who Stifle Criticism

New York Times‘  reporter Maggie Haberman got backlash for her recent op-ed decrying a lack of civility on Twitter, declaring she was stepping away from it as a result.  No doubt social media can be cruel, particularly for women. But we must separate facts from a self-serving or defensive posture in this case.  Did Ms. Haberman mention her habit of blocking those who offer respectful

June 2018
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 10 Jun 2018
The Shame in White Male Savior Syndrome

Shame on every man from NBC’s Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough, CNN’s Jake Tapper, Vox’s Ezra Klein, Rep. Trey Gowdy, former FBI Director Jim Comey, to Steve Schmidt to Senator Bernie Sanders and yes, even, Senator John McCain.  Every single one did nothing but bash Hillary Clinton, working to tank her poll numbers and depress her voters in the run-up to the 2016 election. All are

May 2018
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 14 May 2018
Stop Pretending There’s a Liberal Media Bias

Beware anyone trying to tell you that there is a liberal media bias on major news programs. On Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN’s Jake Tapper featured none other than the cantankerous, ego-driven and relatively unaccomplished Senator Bernie Sanders. He beats up more DEMS than GOP and has been nicer to Trump than he was to Hillary.  Sanders will be 79 in 2020 is talking

April 2018
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 30 Apr 2018
The Truth about Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondence Dinner Roast

Press Corps’ hand-wringing over comedienne Michelle Wolf’s “caustic” performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night misses the point.  Wolf aimed a harsh spotlight at their failures as journalists.  Instead of daily contesting the lies of the Trump Administration – and that of Press Secretary Sanders – many anchors and pundits instead opt for access, normalizing an administration that glorifies the worst in us,

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 23 Apr 2018
Women Candidates Are Stronger When They Fight Sexism

In Jonathan Chait’s New York Intelligencer article cautioning women “not to play the victim card” when running as 2020 presidential candidates, doesn’t he see that a man telling a woman how she should present herself to the American people is in itself sexist? Why does he get to instruct her?  What white male has ever had to deal with gender issues on the national stage? 

Anita Finlay
Posted at: 16 Apr 2018
FBI Director James Comey, Flickr, labeled for re-use

It never ceases to amaze the lengths to which reporters, pundits, even voters will go to defend or excuse what former FBI Director Jim Comey did to help Trump realize the *presidency*.  His self-serving explanations, designed to resurrect his reputation just in time for his book tour, offered in his 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20 interviews ring hollow.  Comey found it acceptable to break protocol

February 2018
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 21 Feb 2018
Go Away, Bernie. Finally, Go Away.

Politico’s headline “Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference” is enough to make me upchuck. Yes, Russian bots did help your campaign, Bernie Sanders, and you knew it and did nothing.  But you still want to blame Hillary Clinton to deflect from your egotistical, guilt-ridden spoiler behavior, hoping those naïve enough not to know any better will buy it.  No chance. Politico’s Edward-Isaac  Dovere does

January 2018
Anita Finlay
Posted at: 29 Jan 2018
Hillary Clinton versus a Conscience-Free Media

Jeffrey Toobin coming out two years too late to say he “regrets his role” in working to take Hillary Clinton down with “false equivalence” is like perpetrators of the Salem Witch Trials saying they regret burning innocent women at the stake after they are already dead. WaPo has the story: So long as President Trump continues disgracing the Oval Office, thoughtful people will probe their own

January 2018

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