26 Jul 2012

Sally Ride's Decision to 'Come Out' Posthumously

As we mourn the untimely loss of history-making astronaut Sally Ride, the AP’s David Crary noted that the obituary Ms. Ride co-wrote with her life partner, Tam O’Shaughnessy, has gotten a great deal of attention due to its final line, wherein they “disclosed to the world their relationship of 27 years.”  While it was clear that those close to Ms. Ride had long known of...

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23 Jul 2012

A Ray of Hope From the Younger Set…

Since writing about sexism in politics and the demeaning treatment of women seems to have become my raison d’etre, I have to share an exciting video that came to my attention courtesy of writer Mona Gable at BlogHer. She reports that Vlogger Nineteen Percent takes issue with Beyonce’s song Girl (Who Rule The Word)…. Not so fast! says this fabulous woman… I was as blown...

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09 Jul 2012

Will It Ever Be "the Year of the Woman"?

According to the 2012 Project of the Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics, more women are running for Congress this year than ever.  But how can we make an intelligent choice as to the best candidate when overwhelming research shows the decision is being made for us via skewed, imbalanced media coverage that has a predisposition toward taking men seriously and treating women like novelties?...

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04 Jul 2012

A Happy Fourth of July to All!!

The brilliant athletes who will be representing our country in London later this month put on quite a fireworks display themselves these past two weeks at the Olympic trials. I can’t help but be filled with emotion watching courageous gymnasts like Nastia Lukin who got up to fight for personal best after a horrid fall, or swimmers like Dara Torres, who at 45 still challenged herself to...

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You Wouldn’t Guess This About Me, Would You?
30 Jun 2012

You Wouldn’t Guess This About Me, Would You?

by Anita Finlay On a dare from my buddy Linda, who has already risen to this challenge on her own blog, I am sharing a list of ten things you might not guess about me, since I strike people as pretty earnest.  They should only know how much I love defying expectations and being surprised by something new.  Here is the photographic evidence of behavior...

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27 Jun 2012

What Makes It Harder for Women to “Have it All”—or to Have Any? The Truth Behind Disempowerment

by Anita Finlay Anne-Marie Slaughter set tongues wagging with her controversial Atlantic cover story “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.”  In a WaPo opinion piece, Katrina vanden Heuvel argued that while high powered career women like Slaughter cope with the pressures and guilt of juggling work obligations and family, it is lower income “working mothers [who] face far more daunting obstacles simply trying to...

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25 Jun 2012

The Good News for Karen Klein (and Us) After Her Bus Ride from Hell

by Anita Finlay By now, many have heard about the four seventh-grade boys who mercilessly taunted and humiliated a 68-year-old bus monitor, calling her “fat,” “disgusting,” and saying her family killed themselves because “they couldn’t stand being around her.”  She sat almost motionless, doing her best to ignore her tormenters.  Her son had, in fact, killed himself ten years earlier.  Ms. Klein was reduced to...

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23 Jun 2012

It's a Bird… It's a Plane… It's SuperKitty!

In stressful times, anything that helps the unwinding process is deeply appreciated.  For me, it’s SuperKitty.  I keep him on my desktop and in the middle of my workday, whatever new crisis bubbles up, I call upon him — and he leaps into action. I can’t make up my mind whether he urgently wants to give me a hug or if he’s flying toward me because he thinks I...

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20 Jun 2012

Ask A Woman What She Thinks!

by Anita Finlay “Men Rule Media Coverage on Women’s News,” Abigail Pesta’s recent Daily Beast article, makes clear that men still control the news narrative at all levels.  The data presented is taken from Silenced: Gender Gap in the 2012 Election Coverage, a six-month study detailing researchers’ troubling findings after tracking thousands of print articles and TV segments, logging almost 51,000 quotes.  Here’s what I think… And a picture is worth...

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14 Jun 2012

In Praise of Difficult Dads

by Anita Finlay My father used to say “You will master everything you take into your hand.”  A brilliant but deeply troubled man with a male-dominated world view, his words were praise indeed.  No matter how limited his imagination of what women could achieve, he believed in me.  Yet it took many years for me take this as a compliment rather than pressure not to...

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