16 Jan 2013

Gun Control and Mental Health…Where Do We Go From Here?

John Smart and I were so pleased to host Academy and Emmy Award winning composer and inventor Ron Grant on our show last night.  He has proposed an innovative solution to the horrid mass gun killings such as we saw at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Aurora, Colorado — a GPS Smart Lock.  I hope you will download the show to hear our debate about...

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08 Jan 2013

Conservatism Today, the Fiscal Cliff and the Pressure to Nominate a Woman in 2016…is Hillary In?

On Tuesday, Jan. 8th, John Smart and I will be hosting Kevin Scholla, accomplished TV panelist, sportscaster and creator of SarahNET Radio to get an opposing viewpoint on the state of Conservatism today, the truth behind the fiscal cliff negotiations and what all the government shenanigans mean for us out here on the ground. We’ll also be discussing the divide between Sarah Palin and the...

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12 Dec 2012

Anita Finlay's Christmas Coupon For You!

This year, my life has been about words — spoken, written, sometimes shouted — sharing a heartfelt message with students, talk show hosts, and, well, anyone who would listen.  Writing Dirty Words on Clean Skin has brought me to unexpected venues, offered great opportunity and taught me more than any master class ever could. This has been a fierce year that has at times felt,...

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12 Dec 2012

What We Need to Know about the Fiscal Cliff…

The current fiscal cliff negotiations between President Obama and Congress sound terrifying to say the least — what is the Fiscal Cliff?  Have we already gone over it?  And is that kind of like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel?  In an effort to see past the scare tactics and chart a sensible course, John Smart and I were pleased to interview Larry Doyle...

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04 Dec 2012

Study Finding We Are Done with Gender Bias Omits Important Data

“Good News for Hillary 2016: New Study Says Media Gender Bias Has Almost Disappeared”   …so reads The Grindstone headline to Ruth Graham’s latest article.  Quoting research from Jennifer Lawless and Danny Hayes covering 4,748 newspaper articles in the 2010 congressional races, Ms. Graham finds much to celebrate.  I am loathe to argue with her, since she was kind enough to interview me regarding this...

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27 Nov 2012

Citing “the War on Men,” One Woman Thinks We Would be Better Off as 50s Housewives

Suzanne Venker, author of the new book, ‘How to Choose a Husband (and Make Peace with Marriage),’ insists feminism has been bad for women and good for men: “Men can have sex at hello” with “no responsibility whatsoever,” she states.  So marriage makes a man automatically “take responsibility”?  Quoting Pew Research Center, Venker offers that more women today want to get married than they did...

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14 Nov 2012

Remembering Professor Raymond Gasper

Acting was a bug that bit me at age five.  My parents disapproved what they saw as an impractical choice, so while in high school, I pretended to everyone, and to myself, that I wanted to be a lawyer or an economist.  But starting Queens College at sixteen, I could no longer resist pursuing what had long been a secret source of joy for me.  With...

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